2019 was a year of many changes for Step-in:

Colorado services:

Emily Ice, one of the founders for Step-In has relocated to the Colorado Springs area. With this, Step-In will be providing center-based ABA services to Colorado Springs/Monument! We are very excited to offer our model of ABA and the addition of sleep coaching to these areas.


Check out our newly renovated website! With the addition of Colorado to our service area, it was time for an over-haul on the site. Please take a few minutes to check it out and let us know what you think.

Advocacy work:

Our business philosophy is simple, “to devote our talent, expertise, and continued education toward improving the quality of life for individuals and families experiencing autism or other behavioral needs”. In following this, Step-In has been actively advocating for individuals and families across Alaska and Colorado. Currently, advocacy work in Alaska is centered around ensuring systems are in place for rural Alaskans to access ABA services.

Advocacy Work at Step-In Autism Center
Alaska Step-In Autism Center

Alaska Services:

Our amazing staff in Fairbanks are continuing their awesome work. Linda is on site working directly with everyone while Emily is telecommuting from Colorado. One behavior technician recently passed her Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst exam and there are two more Step-In team-members closing out their education and experience work this year! Additionally, one Step-In team member is working towards her Board-Certified Behavior Analyst certification. A lot of growth and we could not be prouder of the hard work and continued pursuit of education in our team.