The basis of Step-In Parenting

Step-In Parenting is rooted in behaviorism, the main theory that guides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is often thought of only as a treatment for children with Autism. However, ABA is applicable to all children (and adults for that matter). While the information gained through Step-In Parenting is not the same as ABA, which requires a component of analysis more technologically advance than we can offer here, many of the concepts can help you learn more about healthy engagement as a parent. Additionally, it can offer guidance on when to reach out for professional assistance and offers an opportunity for you parents who have children in ABA services to have a more developed understanding on the techniques used within that treatment modality.

Behaviorism analyzes observable behaviors and provides a history of methodologies successful at increasing or decreasing those observed behaviors. The strategies offered are useful for encouraging your growth as a parent. Self-monitoring allows you to analyze your current parenting techniques, consistencies, and active participation. From there you are able to set goals for yourself and meet those goals through the techniques and tools presented herein.

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Mini-course 1- “Same page terminology”

Behavior Analysts can be particularly jargon-y. We spend thousands of hours learning behavior speak, but it isn’t user friendly. The terms are confusing and often counter-intuitive. In this mini-course, we aim to provide some easy to understand explanations of the main terms, how they apply to parenting, and why you should even care about them.

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