The C19 Pandemic caused a drastic change in daily routines and supports available. As a parent you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to turn. Step-In has been serving Autistic Alaskans and their families for a decade and we are here to help. Whether you are currently a client of Step-In or not, we will provide Alaska ABA telehealth delivered supports during this time to help bridge the current service gap.
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What is telehealth?

Telehealth utilizes real-time video conferencing technologies to allow a professional to ‘meet’ with you from the comfort and safety of your home. Alaska ABA telehealth allows our staff to interact with you and/or your child to effectively maximize your child’s learning opportunities in your home.

How can Step-In help?

Step-In has Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Assistant Behavior Analysts, and Behavior Technicians who meet with the parent/caregiver and provide resources, talk through challenges, or help set up new routines. Additionally, we can assist by teaching you to maximize your child’s learning potential using ABA techniques in the home.

What does it cost?

Step-In is in-network with many Alaskan insurances and most cover telehealth services at this time. During this Pandemic, if you are uncovered/under-covered and in need of supports, we have opportunities available for lower cost supports to help manage through the Pandemic’s challenges.
The C19 is a challenging time. These challenges are difficult for all of us, particularly difficult for children and even more so for children with developmental disabilities. Step-In is here for you and your family. Virtually together, this challenge will be overcome.
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