Our society is inundated with fast-paced, media-filled stimuli distracting us from the things we love most. As parents, we are bombarded by suggestions and insinuations about what our parenting styles should be and what mistakes we are currently making. The internet and media provide a wealth of anecdotal experiences and fly-by-night advice on how to get our kiddos to eat right, sleep right, be healthy, play enough, learn quickly, and any other topic we didn’t even know we should be asking about. This is where Step-In Parenting comes in.

Step-In Parenting provides:

  • scientifically proven methodologies to answer those questions which parents ask
  • valid information on topics of importance to the proactive parent
  • resources to recognize and address problem behavior and encourage growth for your children.
  • resources to help make educated determinations on when to consult an expert.
Advocacy Work at Step-In Autism Center
Alaska Step-In Autism Center

Step-In Parenting is about making educated decisions, maintaining consistency in your parenting style, and networking with parents who believe as you do- that your actions as a parent are meaningful and that you are the leading expert on your child. You as the parent spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week observing and gaining experience specifically geared to your child. No one is more skilled at understanding your child’s needs than you are.  The mission of Step-In is to provide tools and resources that will promote you as the parent into a self-assured place to make decisions based on what you feel is the right decision for your family.

Step-In offers in-person and virtual supports.

Do you have a parenting question or concern?

For children with or without disabilities, we are here to support your child’s behavioral needs.