Sleep is an integral component of daily functioning and is universally recognized to impact cognitive function, memory, learning, and health. However, most children diagnosed with Autism are not proficient at falling asleep and/or staying asleep. The rates of sleep disturbance for children diagnosed with Autism are reported at 53%-86%. Emily Ice of Step-In is passionate about helping these children learn to sleep better with Applied Behavior Analysis. Her doctorate study on this application of ABA has provided experience and knowledge to help adjust sleeping behaviors in the home environment so everyone can get a better night’s rest.

Specialized Sleep Instruction

Group Sleep Treatment Mentorship

Join in a group mentorship meeting to discuss general questions and HIPAA-compliant case management questions. Please do not share any identifying information at the group meetings.

Individual Sleep Treatment Mentorship (One-on-one)

This mentorship is available for Behavior Analysts. For mentorship on a specific case(s), bring information regarding the age of the client(s), total sleep duration in a 24-hour period, and any specific concerns to the meeting if possible.

BCBA Mentorship

Behavioral sleep treatment-focused mentorship is available to BCBAs via teleconferencing across the globe. Mentorship may include specific case consultation, protocol development, and/or training in the principles of behavioral sleep treatment. The mentorship is currently available at a per appointment fee with email correspondence openly available in between sessions.

The aim of our mentorship options is to make the mentorship affordable. For more cost-effect modes of mentorship, try out one of our group mentorship meetings. These meetings allow you to meet with a few other behavioral sleep curators and Emily Ice. The focus is on a general application of ABA to sleep treatment and HIPAA-compliant case consultation. So feel free to bring your questions, just avoid any client-specifics.

The individual mentorship meetings are available to fit around your busy schedule and/or have more in-depth consultation about your specific case(s).

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Individual/Family Consultation

Specialized Sleep Instruction

Consultation for sleep disturbances is available to families in Colorado and Alaska. As licensing laws permit, consultation may be available outside of these areas via video-conferencing models. Step-In Autism Services encourages families struggling with sleep disturbances to contact us; if we cannot directly assist, we will put you in touch with a local resource. Additionally, for those families receiving ABA services, we can consult directly with your BCBA to help develop a behavior plan to address your family’s sleep needs.

Good sleep is achievable! You and your family do not have to accept sleep deprivation as a way of life.


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