Focused Intervention refers to treatment of a specific area of developmental domain; typically, this include one or two areas of development and the recommended number of hours is determined by the number and intensity of goals developed. This model may involve increasing socially appropriate behavior or reducing socially inappropriate behavior as the primary goal.  Focused Behavioral Treatment are considered for individuals who either need treatment for only a limited number of key functions skills or have such acute, life-impacting behavior that addressing that behavior should be priority.

Components of Focused Intervention

  • Intake Phase:
    Step-In will gather information regarding the client’s developmental and medical history, behaviors, and family concerns.

  • Assessment Phase:
    Step-In’s qualified staff will conduct an individualized assessment to evaluate functions of behaviors and specific areas of development to assist with.

  • Behavior Plan Development:
    Based on the information gathered in the intake and Assessment Phases, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will develop an individualized plan with goals and objectives for the clients. The family will review the plan with the BCBA along with discussion of scheduling, transition planning, parent expectations, and discharge planning.

  • Implementation:
    The intervention is implemented based on the approved behavior plan with Registered Behavior Technicians supervised by the BCBA.

  • Continued Analysis:
    Consistent, ongoing, objective assessment and data analysis is used to inform ongoing clinical decision-making, ensuring progress toward goals is being made.

Focused Intervention
Focused Intervention


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