Parents and family members are integral to the success of each child. Step-In Autism Services strives to include parents in all aspects of therapy from goal development to treatment strategies and behavior management skills. Consistency of programming across settings is our ultimate aim. Our Clinical Director is available to train parents in the areas of behavior management and the application of discrete trial training with the intention that parents will also become part of the child’s therapy team.

Step-In’s Commitment Request:

Due to the benefits that stem from parent/caregiver involvement, Step-In requests a commitment of involvement from each family served. This is developed with the family to determine what types of activities and time that the family is able to provide.

Involvement may include:

  • Attending team meetings

  • Assisting with data collection in a variety of settings

  • Participating in didactic or experiential trainings

  • Implementation recommended strategies across settings

Family, Education and Training

Additional parental/caregiver involvement needs include:

  • Ensuring your child is in attendance and timely to scheduled sessions

  • Maintaining adequate communication, respond to requests for information, and submit required data in a timely manner;

  • Providing materials and accommodations for the ABA program (e.g. child specific materials/reinforcers, snacks, toiletries as needed, etc.);

  • Monitoring and staying informed of child’s progress in the ABA program, data records, and anecdotal data to accurately convey this information to important stakeholders (typically daily progress and updates are covered in the last 15 minutes of each session);

  • Participating in parental goal(s) listed in the treatment plan;

  • Follow recommended treatment plans, skill acquisition programs, or behavior reduction plans as written and advised to the best of your ability;

  • Asking questions anytime

Family, Education and Training
Family, Education and Training

Step-In acknowledges that you are the expert for your child. We value your opinions; if there is ever any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to raise them to us. We will gladly take the time to discuss any issues with you.


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