Community Training and Enrichment

Center- based Training

SiAS strives to disseminate useful ABA education throughout the community. We believe in a community which supports families and individuals experiencing Autism. As such, we offer trainings at our Center for a nominal fee of $100.00 per person per day. This fee is constant for all child-care facilities, social service agencies, school districts, and more.

On-site Training

SiAS understands the difficulties that arise with staff training. Particularly for organizations in rural areas. On-site training with one of SiAS’s experienced BCBAs is available for $650.00 per day.* On-site training will be tailored to fit your organization’s needs and may include:

didactic staff training
experiential staff training
client specific training
client specific program development and implementation training

Follow up support is always available for all contracted organizations and can include video and/or telephonic support.

Internships, Mentorships, and Volunteers

Additionally our doors are always open to interns, volunteers, and/or mentees who would like to gain more knowledge of Autism and/or ABA. Any community member will be required to complete a background check** and TB test prior to the start of the experience. For more information regarding onboarding for interns, volunteers, and mentees please click here.

*Travel expenses for consultation outside of the Fairbanks/North Pole communities will apply.
**SiAS offers fingerprinting for interns, mentees, and volunteers at the SiAS Center.