Step-In’s Story

Step-In Autism Services was founded in 2010 to provide quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children and adults. At that time, ABA was not available and the remote location of Fairbanks, Alaska had minimal supports for individuals with Autism or other behavioral needs. Since then Step-In Autism Services has partnered with families, community members, and other service providers “stepping in” to maximize independence. The Step-In team of therapists offer the highest level of services to bring meaningful and positive change to children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or who have other behavioral needs.

One of the founding BCBAs relocated to Colorado and Step-In is now offering services in the Colorado Springs/Monument areas as well.

Step in Autism Story

Step-In’s Approach

Providers at Step-In Autism Services understand the importance of intensive intervention for individuals diagnosed with Autism or other developmental delays. We have seen firsthand the impact that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) creates in the lives of the individual, siblings, and family members. This is why we pride ourselves on quality ABA services.

Center-based Services

Step-In utilizes a relatively novel approach to ABA. Our Center is set up, not like a clinic, but like a natural setting. One of our founders, Linda Robertson, coined the term ‘family style ABA’ to describe the services provided at the Step-In Center. With an open layout, all of the clients engage with each other and all of the staff. Siblings and peers are often on site to provide more social opportunities for clients.

Center-based services offers the opportunity to teach skills in a novel environment with direct oversight from BCBAs and support of a team of highly-skilled staff. Often, individuals have a history with a behavior in their home environment. This means that in order to teach new skills, the individual’s learning is competing with a previous history of reinforcement for an, often competing, behavior.

Step in Autism Approach

Benefits of a center-based autism therapy program include:

  • Generalization:
    Increased generalization of learned skills with other Behavior Technicians and BCBAs, the center-based setting, and during community outings.

  • School Readiness:
    Your child will participate in school-based activities to practice following classroom routines, and successfully learn in a school setting (e.g. lining up, sitting in circle time, group responding, going to the restroom).

  • Consistency of Services:
    Substitution by a skilled Behavior Technician or BCBA in the event of a Step-In Autism Services team member call-out. Coordinated Step-In Autism Services team member transitions and breaks to ensure your child is engaged and learning at all times.

  • Training & Supervision:
    More interaction between your child and your BCBA. Immediate support and training of your therapy team.

  • BCBA Collaboration:
    Your BCBA is able to consult with our other BCBA Clinicians to improve your child’s program and make faster, more effective changes. Your child will benefit from face-to-face interactions from multiple experienced Behavior Technicians, Supervisors, and BCBAs.

  • Social skills:
    Opportunities to target social and language skills with peers, and participate in play-based therapy during structured group activities

No two children are exactly the same, and center-based services supply variables that may increase opportunities to jumpstart new skills and interactions, many of which are afforded by having your loved one in a shared space with other individuals.

Home and Community-Based Services

As clients progress in skills, it is important to generalize those skills to other environments and with other care providers. Introducing home and/or community-based sessions is often a technique used to ensure that the individual is generalizing the skills learned.

Meet Our Founders

The founding members, Linda Robertson, MEd, BCBA and Emily Ice, MEd, BCBA, have over 50 years of combined experience in special education and autism spectrum services. Their paths crossed through services to one child and after seeing the impact of their teamwork’s successful outcome to the child, they founded Step-In Autism Services.


Step-In Autism Services provides quality Applied Behavior Analysis services and consultation for families and schools.


At Step-In Autism Services we pursue a simple business philosophy: to devote our talent, expertise, and continued education toward improving the quality of life for individuals and families experiencing autism or other behavioral needs.

Our management and staff are dedicated to educating, empowering, and supporting individuals, families, and other organizations in the principles and techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We believe this support should be consistent and available


Our organization believes that there are many key components which contribute to a healthy and productive educational environment. If one were to compile all of the necessary values and moral components for an effective caregiver the list would be boundless, however we hold these key principles sacred:

  1. People: Every person with whom we come into contact deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. Science: Effective behavior therapy is based on good science which utilizes unbiased observation and systematic modification to support the individual’s needs.
  3. Integrity: Operating in an ethical manner is at the heart of our business.
  4. Insight: Understanding that life experiences, cultural and individual differences impact the manner in which an individual absorbs knowledge and approaches varied situations.

Step-In offers virtual supports. Do you have a parenting question or concern? We can help: for children with or without disabilities, we are here to support your child’s behavioral needs.