Wellness Policy

If your child or someone else in your home is ill, please remember to cancel your appointment as soon as possible. Individuals who have had a fever or have vomited within the past 24 hours should not be available for home visits or come into the offices. We will try our best to be sure that our Behavioral Technicians and other staff members do not visit your home or come to work if they are running a fever of have vomited within the past 24 hours.
Please use the following guidelines and keep your child at home if any of these symptoms are present:fever of 100 degrees or greater (before medication)

  • an undiagnosed rash
  • an earache or draining ear
  • diarrhea or vomiting
  • severe sore throat
  • persistent or severe cough
  • persistent or severe headache
  • any known communicable disease
  • evidence of head lice

If a doctor diagnoses your child with a communicable disease, please notify the clinic so we may alert other families if necessary.

Due to the medical fragility of many of our clients, we require that all vaccinations for all clients be up to date. Those whose vaccinations are not current must produce a doctor’s order verifying a medical reason exempting the child from said vaccination.