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Maximizing independence through Applied Behavior Analysis

Step-In utilizes proven methodologies to build skills and independence for individuals with Autism or behavioral needs.
Programs are individualized and based on goals developed with the individual and, when appropriate, their family or caregivers.

Skill Building

  • Communication

  • Social Interactions

  • Safety Awareness

  • Sleep

  • Learning to Learn

  • Transition between Activities

Behavior Reduction

  • Self-Injury

  • Aggresion

  • Restrictive Behaviors

  • Repetitive Patterned Behaviors

  • Tantrums

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Step-In Autism Locations

Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska

New Diagnosis?

Autism - New Diagnosis

One of Step-In’s Community Give-Back Programs is to assist newly diagnosed families with getting connected with local resources.

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Autism - time is now

Two of the most influential factors for treatment of Autism is early intervention and parental involvement. Try our FAQ page for more information.